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Están abiertas varias convocatorias de investigación sobre esquizofrenia y trastornos mentales graves. A continuación encontrará información que le permitirá acceder a las bases de estas convocatorias.


Stanley Medical Research Institute


1. Treatment Trials for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the direct testing of new treatments for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  The awards are granted for a maximum of $300,000 per year for up to three years, depending on the stage of development of the compounds to be tested and the type of trial that is required.

Deadlines for proposals for treatment trials are March 1 and October 1 of each year.



2. Research Grants Program

The Research Grants Program supports researchers at all levels of development who are already in this field. It also supports, and is especially interested in, researchers from other areas of medicine and biology (e.g., neurology, immunology, biochemistry) who wish to initiate new research projects on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Research awards are granted for a maximum of $75,000 per year for two years, and indirect costs may be paid up to 15 percent as part of the total grant.


SMRI's primary areas of interest include:
• animal and human studies directly relevant to the development of better treatment
• neuropathology
• neurovirology and neuroimmunology


Deadline for grant applications is March 1 of each year.


3. Drug Development Program        

The SMRI Drug Development Program is focused on the development of promising compounds for the treatment of severe mental illness in the corporate biotechnology sector. Priority is given to Phase I and Phase II studies of validated chemical entities. Proposals for preclinical characterization and toxicological analysis of promising compounds will also be accepted. Funding proposals for the Drug Development Program are accepted at any time. 

Please send a one page description of your planned project along with a budget estimate in any format to: Ms. Carol Moses,, fax 301-571-0769, phone 301-571-0760.


Your proposal will be reviewed by members of SMRI’s Drug Development Committee, and you will be contacted with information on the next steps in the review process.

NARSAD- National Alliance for research on Schizofrenian and Depression


1. Independent Investigator Award


This award supports scientists at the associate professor (or equivalent) level. Awards are up to $50,000/year, for two years (maximum of $100,000)


How to Apply: The deadline for the 2007 Independent Investigator Awards has passed. Electronic applications for the 2008 Independent Investigator Award will be accepted in February, 2008, with a March 5, 2008, deadline.
The deadline for the 2008 Young Investigator Awards is July 25, 2007


2. Staglin Family Music Festival NARSAD Schizophrenia Research Award


The application deadline for the 2007 Staglin Award has passed.


This award supports scientists at the level of assistant or associate professor (maximum 45 years old) for three years for a total of $250,000.


How to Apply:
The deadline for the 2007 Staglin Investigator Award has passed. Electronic applications for the 2008 Staglin Investigator Award will be accepted in October, 2007, with a December, 2, 2007, deadline.

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