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III Convocatoria restringida SENYFundació para proyectos coordinados en Investigación en Esquizofrenia 2007. Enviar noticia por correo  Versión para imprimir


Aqui encontraras las bases de la Convocatoria. Al final de esta página encontrar el descarregable de la solicitud:

A. Aim of this Restricted Call for Proposals.


The SENY Foundation is a private not-for-profit foundation established in 1996 with the aim of promoting research into schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders. Our mission is to become a point of reference for all professionals interested in mental health, as a centre for the promotion of basic, clinical and social research, as well as the training of professionals and the management of information and knowledge.

To this aim, the SENY Foundation launches a RESTRICTED CALL for COORDINATED PROJECTS to fund ONE excellent quality research proposal in the area of severe mental disorders. Our priority is the causes and treatment of psychosis with especial emphasis on schizophrenia, not phenomenology or clinical correlations that have no obvious relevance to causation. The sections below cover these and other relevant aspects in greater detail.


B. Who is eligible to apply?


This third call aims at coordinated research projects proposals into mental health presented by principal investigators affiliated to IDIBAPS (welcoming proposals from related centres such as Hospital Clinic, UB and CSIC. The rest of groups in the coordinated project could belong to other institutions in Spain and wordlwide. It is required that at least ONE participating group should be located in a research centre in  Barcelona, besides IDIBAPS. Principal Investigators could submit as many applications as they see fit.


C. What is the deadline for submission?


Paper applications must be postmarked by 15th March 2007. Applications should be submitted electronically. A CD or diskette copy of all documents submitted is also recommended.

Send your application to:


III Call for Coordinated Research Projects on Schizophrenia 2007
C/Diputació, 238 (àtic 7).
08007 Barcelona


D. Amount.


Up to US$ 300.000 (TOTAL amount).


E. Language.


All submitted research proposals should be written in English.


F. Documents to submit in the application.


We do not want to overload applicants with paperwork. It is for this reason that the documents required focus largely on the scientific proposal itself. Please, see also the Application Form document for details:


1. Complete cover page of the application form:


- Title of coordinated research proposal
- Name Principal Investigator
- Affiliation of PI (name of research centre and complete contact details)
- Duration of the project (number of years)
- Name and Signature of legal representative of Principal Investigator’sI centre.
- Abstract: Maximum 250 word description of the research


2. Detailed scientific proposal. Sections to guide the presentation include:


- Background and progress to date
- Hypotheses and objectives
- Methods used
- Outline of the research plan
- Expected impact/contribution to knowledge
- Key references

- Budget. Please, include references to other financial sources to the proposal.

- Brief CV. Principal Investigators to individual research groups participating in the coordinated project should fill in ONE PAGE summary of personal CV / the Research Group CV, accounting for the sections outlined in the application form.


G. How does the review process work?


Applications will be reviewed by two independent committees. The first committee acts as a Local Advisory Committee and will make a first selection of proposals. A second International Committee will review the shortlisted proposals and a priority score will be compiled from all reviewers and submitted to SENY Foundation Board.


Quality assessment criteria include:


- Relevance and degree to which the proposal meets the aims of this call.
- Scientific quality and methodological rigour.
- Clarity and feasibility of the work programme and timetable (outline of the research plan).
- Multidisciplinarity. This is a key objective in the call. Applications should build on multidisiciplinary research teams, preferably including professionals and expertise from disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, neuroimaging, genetics, biochemistry, biology, physiopathology, and pharmacology, among other.
- Potential for the integration of existing programs in a single initiative that would allow for a better and more efficient use of human resources, equipment, technology and knowledge towards the development of original research -valued in the light of internationally promising avenues of research-.
- Potential for the strengthening of scientific capacity and productivity of the research group. This would position the group as leading competitors for public and private funding worldwide, particularly from SMRI, NIMH, Narsad and other.
- Coherence of the budget with the proposed projects’ objectives and activities.
- Other valued characteristics include multicentric study and international collaboration and partnership



The SENY Foundation can decide not to award any of the submitted proposals if the review process reveals no project sufficiently fulfils the quality criteria outlined above.

H. Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?


Dr. Pedro Gallo. SENYFoundation. C/Diputació, 238 (àtic 7). Tel +34+93+3023010 / 303490775.

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